Bill Schmidt

“Experienced, Motivated, Honest and very professional”

Bill is a dedicated and committed professional who consistently goes above and beyond for his customers. Bill’s energetic easy going style and unmistakable knowledge of mortgages make him the ideal choice for helping with all your mortgage needs.

Bill’s passion for the mortgage industry comes from 17 years of being in the business. Bill has worked for 2 of the top 3 banks in Canada as a mortgage professional. Bill has helped his clients find homes even with all of the mortgage rule changes that have been made over the last few years. Bill prides himself on helping clients from the mortgage pre-approval stage right up to picking up their keys for their new home. Bill has been able to find many financial solutions for his clients earning them better financial freedom. Bill is known to always go the extra distance and never giving up. Bill enjoys making the mortgage process fun for his clients.  He accomplishes all of this in a very professional way, as he is very passionate about his clients and the mortgage process.

When not working on mortgages, which maintain him very busy, Bill loves to travel,  to be around people and have fun. As someone who used to race cars, Bill is now an avid runner of half marathons and a scuba diver. He has been married to his wife Pam for 16 years.

You will want to call Bill for your mortgage needs. His knowledge, experience and honest hard work will guide you through each one of the steps.


Bill Schmidt
Mortgage Agent – M18001607
Tel 905-563-7722
Cell 905-929-3832
Fax 905-563-5224