Team of experts

Carmen Costa

“Compassionate, smart, professional, diligent and incredibly knowledgeable”.

Zervane Lima

“Energetic, passionate, knowledgeable. All about the customer”

Aaron Romanowitch

“Motivated, driven, energetic and focused”

Dee Sgro

“Unmistakable energy, incredible compassion, persistence and dedication”

Edward Salazar

“Smart. Professional. Diligent. Driven.”

Glen Silva

“Dedicated. Diligent. Determined. Diplomatic.”

Bill Schmidt

“Experienced, Motivated, Honest and very professional”

Peggy Choi

“Passionate, knowledgeable and determined”

Melissa Lacey Broad

Melissa Broad

“Strong work ethic. Friendly. Determined. Knowledgeable.”

Omer Farooq

Omer Farooq

“Successful. Skillful. Creative. Leader. Compassionate”

David Tu

David Tu

“Passionate. Driven. Listener. Perfectionist.”

Naim Demolli

Naim Demolli

“Professional. Hardworking. Upbeat.”

Seth Gold

Seth Gold

“Patient. Understanding. Persistent.”

Omar Mansoor

Omar Mansoor

“Honest. Determined. Dedicated. Knowledgeable.”